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Overview picture of a busy truck stop

Know your trucking career options! A Class A CDL is one of the most common CDLs obtained by students. This type of CDL also has a wide variety of job possibilities available to students once they complete their CDL training. Let’s take a look at the jobs that could be waiting for you with a […]

Overhead view of semi-trucks parked next to eachother

Our Heros of the Highway Human trafficking has been a persistent issue for centuries. There is an unsettling 40 million victims around the world. Unfortunately, truck drivers see it occurring regularly in plain sight at truck stops, restaurants, motels, and more. The trucking industry has been working hard to focus more of its attention on […]

Trucking Industry Outlook for 2021

What to Expect in the Coming Year Forecasts show 2021 as a transitional year for the trucking industry. The economy and truck driver demand is expected to rebound throughout 2021 from the impacts the pandemic had and create a positive trend going into the 2022 year. If you are looking to start a trucking career, […]

Saying Thank you to Our Truck Drivers

What You Can Do to Say Thanks To help celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we wanted to showcase some of the best ways Americans have been showing their appreciation for drivers. In this difficult year, truck drivers have stepped up to keep America running, and we are all thankful. Let’s take a look at […]

Salary spelled out in wood blocks

Expected Pay For Truck Drivers in Nebraska One of the most common questions asked about the trucking industry is the salary you will have as a truck driver. All entry-level truckers are offered a competitive starting salary, even though they may range from company to company. The salary of truckers depends on the company they work […]

How to Get a CDL in Nebraska

The Steps to Getting My CDL in Omaha, NE. The decision to get your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License can be an important step in changing your career and income. Becoming a professional truck driver can provide multiple career opportunities and provide a stable income for you and your family. With JTL, we can have […]