Why Become a Truck Driver?

Expectations for a Career in the Trucking Industry

If you are thinking about becoming a Class A truck driver, there has never been a better time to start in the trucking industry. JTL Truck Driver Training is your road map for a rewarding career as a professional driver! The demand for truck drivers is growing! Carriers are looking to hire students who have had excellent CDL training. JTL Truck Driver Training will work alongside our students to make sure your new career is the perfect fit for you.

Trucking Career Outlook

When transitioning into a new job, it is important to understand the industry you are joining. Reports show that the trucking industry is a consistently stable career choice and the perfect fit for someone ready to try something new. In Nebraska alone, the estimated job growth rate is 15% by 2022, and many other states report similar statistics.

  • As of May 2019, the median pay for heavy and tractor-trailer drivers is $45,773 per year.
  • In September 2020, Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers was ranked as the #1 choice of occupation by the Nebraska Department of Labor.
  • It’s estimated there are over 3,500 openings for truck driver positions in Nebraska alone.
  • Employment in the transportation and material moving industry is expected to increase by over 6% by 2028.
  • The transportation industry is projected to add over 417,000 jobs by 2022.

*All statistics according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and NEworks.

Job Opportunities as a Truck Driver

As a professional truck driver, trainees will have access to a wide range of different job possibilities. One of the biggest benefits of having a commercial driver’s license is that you are never stuck to just one type of job. CDL holders have the flexibility to find a career that fits their skills and interests. With a Class A CDL , one have any of the following careers:

Over-The-Road Truck Driver

With an over-the-road career, you would be working for a company that has a vast list of delivery locations. Their routes could be regional or span coast to coast. With an OTR position, professional truck drivers can expect to be away from home for longer periods of time, but the pay potential is higher than local positions.

Local Truck Driver

With a local position, CDL Drivers will have a dedicated route that is generally within 250 miles of their home terminal. Local routes will provide more time at home and with your family.

Bus Driver

With the right endorsement, trainees could pursue a career as a bus driver. They would be transporting people from place to place rather than goods. A bus driver can range from a school bus driver to a coach bus driver.

Construction Driver

Construction work requires operating heavy equipment such as dump trucks or concrete trucks. The driver of these vehicles is required to have proper licenses and endorsements before stepping behind the wheel.

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