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Meet JTL Instructor Neal Weich

Meet JTL Instructor Neal Weich

We take pride in our instructors at JTL, and we thought you’d enjoy getting to know them. First up is Neal Weich who has been with JTL since 2013. Make sure to check back, we’ll have a new instructor bios coming soon.

What do you do at JTL?
I instruct students on the procedures of safely driving and backing commercial vehicles. I also assist students on the proper inspection and safety check procedures for vehicles.

How long have you worked in the industry, and how long at JTL?
I’ve been driving both over the road and regional assignments for 15 years. I’ve had the pleasure of instructing at JTL for a little over two years.

How do you help students learn to become safe, professional drivers? Describe your method or any special techniques you use.
I believe in the “hands-on” method. Students operate the vehicle while I observe, and any unsafe techniques are immediately corrected. Repetition is key in learning the safe techniques.

Why do you enjoy training/working with new professional drivers?
The thing I enjoy the most is seeing the improvement and progress the students make on a daily basis. I also enjoy the challenge of discovering the different methods I need to use for different students. Everyone learns at a different pace, which requires a unique teaching approach.

Why is JTL a good school to teach and learn?
JTL provides its students with a robust education on commercial driving.

How do you stay in touch with any former students?
Many of the JTL graduates visit me at the school to let me know what they’ve been up to and tell me about their experience on the road.

What hobbies do you have or what do you like to do in your spare time?
I really enjoy wood working in my spare time and also watching football and baseball.